Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dini's Wedding

i came to my friend's wedding on last weekend. She is Dini, my classmate since i was at 3rd grade Senior High. we also studied same major in college. so we were being classmate for more than 5 years.. :)


i and ami were staying at rani's boarding house.. :)

i was really enthusiastic to come to this event, because Dini is married to an army, whose wedding must be held 'Pedang Pora' Ceremony. i haven't seen that ceremony before, i was curious! :)

Pedang Pora Ceremony

A friend's wedding is like a reunion for me. i was happy to meet again with my college friends. ah ya, i also met my Senior High School friends, but i forgot to take picture with them :(. here they are, some pictures with my college friends.. :)

and the last.. Congratulation for you both, Dini Prasandriani & Prima Wahyudi..

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