Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i miss you, ocin..

i miss one of my close friend. her name is cindra. really miss her a lot. :(
she is a very smart girl. very very very clever! we used to be a deskmate when we were on 3rd grade in Junior High School. i used to share every single thing to her, we felt we had much similarity. i used to think that our friendship never been ended. until we were in different high school.. we seldom met anymore then never when we entered the college.. yeah, we might be busy.. but at least, i had her phone number..

thing was better when i knew her facebook. we connected the relationship which ever broken. but, i didn't know the reason, she deleted her facebook account, and i couldn't call her old phone number. i was so sad. i lost my close friend. :(

it may have been for more than one week i feel really miss her a lot. i really want to meet her, share some stories, and tell her that i graduated... (she is one of who have inspired me!) i have a plan to visit her house with aryo (our friend). but we haven't know the time yet.

and just a moment ago, i was googling her full name, found a lot. most of them are in a formal web like her web university, but i found a blog which featured her name. i opened it.. and i shocked! the owner's name is Monika Puri Oktora.. she wrote a post about her friends (include cindra) and a people named Amadeus Sanda Layuk. i felt their name are familiar in my thought!

do you know? last Monday, when i banded my skripsi on a copy center near cindra's college, i saw some other skripsi. they were monika's and amadeus's. i saw the college on it.

'Ah, they may be cindra's friend', i mumbled.

and my guess is true! it was like a dejavu when i saw their names... is it a coincidental or a sign that i'll meet cindra?

thank's to monika who has featured cindra's blog on her blog. it helps a lot. i straight to give cindra a message, and wish she replied it ASAP. :)

J.O.B. S.E.E.K.E.R

hi :)

sorry for abandoning this blog too longer, almost 1 week. i had another bustle after the session : REVISION. it needed more thought, because i had to check every single word, ensured no more typo, and also re-analysis one assumption. and i had to chase after my lecture guidance's signatures. it was very tiring. and i hate the deadline, just 1 week. i made every endeavor to fulfill it, but when i've finished, the yudisium is delayed. what the... :(

Buuuuut, i'm still grateful, because now i'm free!! yeah! *wish got a free holiday*

and also, i'm currently being a job seeker officially. :(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i'm back and bring good news!

hi :)

i'm back! i miss you all so badly. i miss sharing everything to you. as i said, i promised i wouldn't post anything until i pass the scholar session. and today was the day, it was my show time. well, let me tell a good news for you,

i pass the scholar session

okay.. it might be just an ordinary thing for you, but i'm not! it is a great moment for me. it is one of life phase, isn't it?

SOoo, i wanna be grateful to everyone who helped me to finish my final project, especially for my parents, my sister, my irwan, and my whole family. thank's a lot for all supports!


what else i couldd say except that? :)

unhappily, i didn't take many photos. i brought my digicam, but i was very nervous so i forgot it. so here are only three photos taken in my home.

it was taken 3 hours before the show. you could see my nervous face. :)

i stick 10 post-it on my desk. i'm a type of person who need scribal motivation.

it's my June planning board. Look! i wrote session more than one!

both photos above are my bestfriend through i was doing the project.

oh yeah, June 23rd is very important, not only because of the session but also today is my anniversary with Irwan. we have been together for 1,5 years. ;)

I'm so happy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

for the sake of my future... :)

i post some entries tonight.
yeah, it was my fault who didn't post on the same day. but i'm sure, you have ever felt this situation. the situation when you really wanna post something but you don't have any time to do that, do you?

Sooo, i'll post them all tonight! because i will have my BIG day next week.


my effort for 4 years will be proved on that day. i don't know yet the date, but i'm sure it will be held next week, in session week.

Sooooo, i must study harder for that special moment! i promise to myself, i won't be online until i pass the session. i hope i could keep the promise. i wish. *cross fingers*

by the way, i miss this moment...

Monday, June 14, 2010

because i love the simple one...

i had a tiring Sunday. i, my mom, and my sister went to Pasar Baru to shop kebaya fabrics for my graduation ceremony. So, our theme is gold. actually, i want to wear black kebaya with silver or grey satin inside. but a matter of fact, black kebaya fabric is rare. So, we don't have much options. after long time thinking, we decided to change the theme. the color is gold, but the texture and the motif are very simple, without beads. i always love every simple things.

Sooo, the plan will be like this : i and my mom will wear kebaya but in different design, my sister will wear dress with same fabric, and my dad will wear batik.

Sorry, i couldn't upload the photos, because we were straight to the taylor. the fabric shop also has the taylor. we don't have choose yet where taylor will be used, so we tried to use that taylor. we've seen some kebaya examples, and it's quiet good.

we also went to Istana Plasa for taking my Gaudi member card and ate at the food court. ah yeah, good news for you. Gaudi held Summer Holiday Discount until July 18th, 2010. get 10 % discount for new items and 5% additional discount for member. i'm not sure how much the biggest discount, i saw 40% discount for selected items. it may be the biggest.

i'm never success to ignore buying something when i visit this shop. hehehehe.. i always find something which make me think 'i (may) need it'. like yesterday, i bought a simple black leather belt. SIMPLE, sooooo me!

and my sister bought this one,

fuuuuhhh... i was very tired, shopping all day long. whereas, i had a final test on the next day.

yeah, women always love shopping.

Che Co.

do you remember when i posted about my weekend assignment? Soo, this post is its continuation. :)
the assignment didn't finish yet, as usual (but when i'm typing it, it has been finished. and some hours ago, i got a bad news about my assignment. forget it.).

Soo, before i was back home, i and Icem ate at Cherish Corner. it's a restaurant in Jatinangor whose all the menu have delicious taste. it's my favorite resto and also my fellas. we love to spend the time or just gossiping here.

oh yeah, we took some photos. here they are.

sweet ice tea

Icem ordered it : Chicken Cordon Bleu

me : Fuyunghai

Both have delicious taste.

a gift from malaysia

i'm a book lover, especially for novels. and Mevy gave me a cute book border. it was a gift when she had a holiday in Malaysia. Thank's Mevy for the cute gift, it's very useful. i love it.

vase stick

i made this a couple of week ago. actually, it was my sister's school assignment. but she's too lazy to do that, and she doesn't have sense of arts. hehehhe...

so, i helped her to finish her assignment. i made this so simple vase.

the materials

the result

Friday, June 11, 2010

assignment on weekend

hi :)

i don't have any idea to share. i'm in Icem's boarding house right now for doing our last assignment. we've been doing it since yesterday. we prefer to gossip, watch movie, etc. the assignment must be done by a group. and my group is my besties! so, you all know why we haven't finished it yet. MySpace

have a nice weekend ya!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what you would get at Masjid Raya Bandung

Hi :)

how's your Tuesday? i always stay at home on Tuesday. having a plan to finish my skripsi, but always unfinished. i prefer to online, blogging, facebooking, etc. -,-
okay, lemme share this entries in bahasa. sorry,for foreign readers, at least you could enjoy the photos. :)

Soooo, cerita gue kali ini tentang apa yang gue dapet waktu gue lagi nunggu ujan di pelataran Masjid Raya Bandung. FYI, selama gue tinggal di Bandung 22 tahun lebih, gue belum pernah shalat di masjid raya Bandung. jadi, waktu gue maen ke menara masjidnya itu adalah pertama kalinya gue masuk ke mesjid ini skalian sholat dzuhur.

daaaann... gue baru tau! kalo ternyata di teras mesjidnya buanyak banget orang jualan khususnya pedagang makanan. gue tau sih, tu mesjid lokasinya emang pas banget deket alun2 bandung. di alun2nya emang banyak pedagang juga, sama halnya dengan alun2 di kota lain. tapi ini pedagangnya juga numpuk di teras mesjidnya!! oh gosh, gue baru tau banget.

ini dia, sebagian bukti kecil dari apa yang gue liat. ingat, sebagian kecil ya!

telor asin dan kerak telor

baso cuankie

aneka es buah dan batagor

aneka jajanan

aneka minuman

label ruangan

baso cuankie (again) and doughnut

various necklaces and bracelets

krupuk kulit and harum manis

krupuk gurilem


es cendol


nasi timbel

aneka topi dan syal persib

ketan bakar

donat lagi

aneka masakan rumahan

aneka kopiah atau peci




es kelapa

yak! itu yang berhasil gue foto, karena masih ada ratusan pedagang lain di sana. oh yah, setiap barang dagangan itu bukan cuma 1 loh, banyak banget pedagang yang menjual barang yang sama...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

it's time to remember, it's time to be together

hi :)

this is my second post about my dating. haha. a dating which made me so tiring and also hard to get sleep. :)

(i've typed it on Saturday, but unfinished. and on Sunday, my notebook was broken. i and irwan coudn't fix it, so we went to BEC for repairing it. and today, i took it. that's why i delay the post. my notebook was been installed and upgraded to windows7, i lost some important programs, include dictionary. you all know, my english is not good, i always use it while i'm posting ;p. ok, let's back to the post... )

i and irwan (my boyfriend, of course) really did our plans moreover we added some spontaneous ideas! it was great and wonderful. aaaaaahhh, i'm sooo happy! thank's, dear! :*

so, these are some pictures about our dating. we took a lot of pictures! specially for our pictures, you could see them all here. because we took almost 300 pictures, include snapshot. i'll share them in different entries! ;p

it was one of our spontaneous idea. we saw it, we captured. it was in front of the biggest post office in Bandung, which also the central post office. it's a historic building, too.

it was in Masjid Raya Bandung Twin Tower. its height is 87m (20 floors). we could see Bandung view from here. the ticket is only 2000 idr, very cheap!

visitors are only at 19th floor.

these pictures were captured at Asia Afrika Street. The longest street in the world, becuse it connects two continents. ;p

our next destination was Asia Africa Conference Museum. who doesn't know it? Asia Africa Conference was held in Bandung in 1955, and now the building is currently being a museum. great spot for taking pictures. ah yeah, some couple take their pre-wed pictures here.

these pictures above were captured in front of the museum. oh yeah, we brought mini tripod. hehehhe..

i don't know why, i love this picture so much. what do you think?

these pictures above were captured in the museum. unhappily, we couldn't take pictures or record video anywhere. so, there are some places which is protected.

then, we were heading to Braga Street, historic street in Bandung too. we took many pictures, don't forget to visit my flickr ya..

Braga Street

we had late lunch at The Kiosk Braga City Walk (BCW). BCW is a mall at Braga Street who has an apartment, named Aston.

i ate this! its name is Nasi Liwet Jambal Roti. it's a Sundanese traditional food. yeah, i didn't make a mistake, it was a right decision! because the taste was delicious. it's only 15000 idr. very cheap!

Nasi Bakar Cimandiri. Irwan ate this. he was envy at me, because my order was much more. he wasn't full, so he ate my Nasi Liwet too. hahaha! it's only 13000 idr.

then we watched this movie. great!

Wedang Ronde Jahe

Sooooo, our dating was ended by eating Wedang Ronde Jahe at Pasir Kaliki Street. we ussually call it just Wedang Ronde. it's a traditional food from Central Java. it was our 1st time trying Wedang Ronde Pasir Kaliki. it's near from my junior high school. For irwan, it was his 1st time trying wedang ronde in his life. hihihi. do you know? i asked to the seller about the cost. 8000 idr a bowl. it's quiet expensive! in Central Java it's only 3500 idr. but, when i ate this, it was kinda different. and, it's delicious! hahaha.

well, sorry for this long entry. i'm too enthusiastic. thank's for reading it. smooch! :*



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