Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Vacation

hi :)

how are you guys? how was your long weekend? what did you do?

my longweekend was sooooo great! yeeeeay! my relatives visited mine. they came from Tangerang. as we know, Bandung will be a very crowded city when weekend comes, moreover in long weekend. the visitors usually come from Jakarta and around, and my relatives did. heheheh..

we went to Kawah Putih (White Crater) and Ciwalini, Ciwidey, West Java.

Kawah Putih is a wonderful tour object, it has very beautiful view. it has cold air. really beautiful! i adore it, really! oh yeah, for you who will take pre-wedding pictures, Kawah Putih is a good choice! trust me!

look the crater behind me! it's very beautiful, isn't it?

my lil sist, me, my mom


subhanallah! what can i say?

how sweet...

feel like at Forks.. :)

i took so many pics, i just uploaded my favorite ones.. unhappily, my digicam used the smallest resolution. i forgot to check it before.. :((

oh yeah, my mom cooked too much, then she brought it and we ate at Kawah Putih. it was so fun! hehehehe..

original Indonesian's culture..

then, we swam in Ciwalini. it is a warm water pool. it also has good view. it is among tea field.

mas dedi, mas aji, wicak, ryan, sano.
they are my cousins, except sano. he's my nephew.

i always laugh when i see this! good job, ryan! :D

my crazy fams!


i still have many pictures, but i've changed the resolution in Ciwalini. so it needs more time uploading, and i don't have any energy to minimize. i'm really tired. ;p

oh yeah! i'll say great thanks for you who said happy birthday to Serba Biasa. may Serba Biasa could be more fun! ;p

good night,


Friday, May 28, 2010

My Blog 1st Anniversary


i wasn't aware previously until i read other blogs whose authors lionize their blog birthday. then i searched my first post which is that was the time when i made blogger account, jreeeeeeeng.. jreeeeeeeng... my blog birhtday is today!!! yeeeeaaaaayy!!

once more time, Happy Birthday!

would you like to say it? MySpace

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

try the emoticons

hi :)

4th post.. it's almost midnight.. i've been online since 4 pm. Hhhh, it's because my hiatus for few days. heheheheh.. MySpace

oh yeah, i often see blog entries with cute emoticon. it's cool, and i try. hope it works. MySpace

okay, enough for today. MySpace

Ardan Like This

Hi :)

this is my third post today. hope you still enjoy my post yaa..

last weekend, i went to Ardan 20th Like This Celebration with my fellas, icem, ade, ogi, and yolla. it was held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA).

it was very crowded! many people wanted to watch. no wonder because the guest stars were really good. it's divided by three stage in different time, outdoor, lounge area, and main stage.

outdoor (10 am - 4 pM)
  • five minutes
  • closehead
  • alone at last
  • nemesis
  • rosemary
  • q'rends
  • danger ranger
  • goodboy badminton
  • killing me inside
  • pee wee gaskin
  • mortified
  • tendo star
  • gecko
  • konflik
  • volta
  • soulvibe
  • bionic kangaroo
  • new folder
lounge area (4 pm - 7 pm)
  • astrid
  • human feat. nindy
  • phantom
  • signals
  • lars
  • nyawa
  • soul full
main stage (7 pm - 11 pm)
  • rocket rockers
  • tangga
  • the bannery
  • Bondan feat Fade 2 Black
  • Gruvi
  • D'Massive
  • Maliq & D'essentials
  • Agnes Monica
see? it was such a great birthday celebration!

i went there at 6.30 pm. poor us, rain dropped before we reached there. but we enjoyed. :)
we arrived before the main stage gate opened. and we must queue. yes, unhappily, we couldn't see the outdoor and lounge area's performances.

hehehehe, when we already entered the area, we got very bad spot. on the back side. i couldn't even see the stage. then, we decided to sit. because our motto is "on the front side or seats", but people might be have same motto. the seats are full too. oh nooooooo!!!! then we tried stand on the right side. as time goes by, we could reach the front side. very good spot! yeaaaahhh!!


unbranded veil, unbranded tee, Gaudi Long Vest, Heritage Jeans, In Her Shoes Flats, ade's bag and necklace.

ade and her boyfriend, ogi.

among the crowded

Rocket Rockers
i just knew one song, hilang ingatan.

i forgot how many songs they sang. i love tangga, and i sang along. :)

The Bannery
just knew one song, Diaaaaaaaaaa!

Fitri Tropica
who doesn't know her?

well, i don't know their song well. but they had good performance.

Ardan Crews

Bondan feat Fade 2 Black
hahahaha, i don'y know all the songs! but their performance was really awesome!!

heu, i don't really like this band, but it was cool to see them.

Maliq & D'essentials
my favorite! they sang only 4 songs; Terdiam, Coba Katakan, Heaven, and Pilihanku.

Agnes Monica
she was the best performance! very amazing!

woohoo! it was cool! i was very satisfied. :))

Beautiful Clouds Over The Husein Sastranegara Monument

hi :)

i and my sister were waiting for angkot, and we saw beautiful clouds over the Husein Sastranegara Monument. :)

unhappily, i just shot from the back side. :)


see? the clouds were very beautiful, rite?


Hi :)

Uhh, i really miss you all. miss posting also! do you know? i had fun weekend, and i must share with you. i'll divide it by three entries. :)

okaaaaayy! 1st, last friday night, my sister was confused which clothes she should be wear to Ardan? i offered to lend my clothes. we opened the cupboard, and found this! Bianglala Baby Doll. then she tried.

Bianglala Baby Doll

Bianglala Baby Doll, my mom belt.

Bianglala Baby Doll, Unbranded Black High Waist Trouser

Bianglala Baby Doll, Unbranded Bracelets, Alexandre Christie Watch

Bianglala Baby Doll + Unbranded Necklace

+ black unbranded bracelet

hahaha! that were our ordinary experiment. oh, do you want to know my sister well? this is her blog link!

Friday, May 21, 2010

from oriflame to btc

hi :)

yesterday i hanged out alone as always. it wasn't a hang out actually, but i want to call it hang out. i really miss my boyfriend, wanting he accompany me, but he couldn't, of course! haha.

1st destination is TELKOM Rajawali for paying speedy bill. then i went to oriflame for buying these,

then, i went to btc. oh good, torrential rains happened. do you remember? i want to buy this shoes, the blue one.

i really really want them. but, it was sold out! hah, poor me. then, i decided to buy this. what do you think?

but i still want the ribbon one. so, i negotiated with the shopkeeper to save my shoes first, whether the blue ribbon shoes will come. and tomorrow i'll take it. if it doesn't come, i buy the second one. hehehe..

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