Thursday, July 29, 2010

random post : my table :))

hi.. :")

i actually only did some blogwalking, nothing to post. but it's already change when i realized that my table is very very untidy. :( yeah, it's quiet random. hehehehhe. i promise i'll clean it ASAP, and post about my table which is my 'working booth'. ah, i havent told you that i moved my old table to my sister's room. i bought the new one, very different than before. i make it my 'working table'. oke, oke, i may post about it, err.. tomorrow!

oh yeah, my pillow case project is currently working. it is in embroidery stage. the embroidery need much longer time. so, be patient to see it. :)

good night,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

am i arrogant?

hi.. :)

it's a rainy tuesday, thank God i stay at home, dont have anything to do outside.

my today plan actually i wanna make something for my boyfriend. i'll make a handmade pillow case for him. he's a civil employee, and he must work outside from java island. we havent known yet when he must go. so, i think a pillow case is a suitable gift for him. hhehehehe.. but, i must delay it, because it need an iron. my maid is using it right now. so, while waiting for her, i better post an entry. :)

i've told you that i had a job interview few days ago, and i must come back yesterday for another test maybe.. but, for some reasons, after a long thinking and discussing with my parents, i decided not to continue that test. sorry, i couldnt tell you why. :)
im not an arrogant woman who reject a job, i need job of course, but not there and not that job. :)

i still must come to that company to take my identity card. when i did the interview, my id card must be saved by the security, but i forgot to take it back. hahaha, stupid me. if i continue the test, i must come on 9 am. i'll only take my id card so i came om 11, which is the test was over. check my outfit, :)
|paris hijab : unbranded| |white long tee : unbranded| |top : Bianglala| |denim skirt : unbranded| |brown bag : Gaudy| |watch : Alexandre Christie|

do you believe? i bought that denim skirt 8 years ago, when i was on 3rd grade Junior High School. my mom bought it, i dont like wearing skirt, so i wore it so rarely. But now, i love skirt, and wanna buy some, someday. hahahah!

i only have 5 skirts, the denim one, white maxi skirt (like on my banner), the black one (i wore it for OSPEK), and two batik skirt (for special occasion). but i promise, i'll wear them, mix and match with suitable clothe, and post here. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Musical Flightventure

i had a busy week, it's closed by an angklung concert last night. what a wonderful concert. the theme is flight, so we were like in an airplane. cool!

check my selfsame outfit :

|unbranded grey paris hijab| |contempo grey babydoll (?)| |dust black denim| |vincci black flat shoes| |hana black little bag|

sorry for the bad quality images. you dont like it? neither do i!

in front of Merdeka Building at night

Corps Angklung SMA N 5 Bandung Performances

my 1st job interview

whoooaaa.. i had a job interview, on Friday, 23rd of July 2010. i was too nervous to face it, actually the interview was so simple! hahahha. i'm asked to come again on next monday aka tomorrow. i dont know why, i feel like i dont have a 'click' with that company. hahahha. ;p

oh yeah, everymonth in 23 is my anniversary with irwan. happy 19 months sayang! :*

my 1st blog award (chapter two)

oke, i'll do the command after getting this award : write 7 things about me and give this award to 5 other blogger.

1st, i'm going to give it to my 5 favorite bloggers, hope you like it!
Congratulation to you! don't forget to write 7 things about your self and give this award to 5 other bloggers. :)

2nd, ah it's quiet hard to write 7 things about myself. Hmmm.. what should i write?

  1. in some conditions, i love going somewhere alone, like watching movie in cinema, mall shopping, fabric shopping, book shopping, going to exhibiton, etc. some people consider it's strange, but i never feel like that. when i dont need friend opinion, i prefer do it by myself. :)
  2. i'm not a fashionista. i dont really care about fashion, i prefer choose something because of the comfort. so, if you open 'not a fashionista' label, you'll find my selfsame style. and, feel it or not, most of my clothes have tiny floral motif. i love tiny floral motif so much. i'll tell about tiny floral on the next point. :)
  3. i'm currently in progress to blaze the way to made my own business. i wish i could open a handmade shop. i love crafting since i was in junior high school, but i never be serious to do that. now, i wanna make it something serious. i want open "Tiny Floral Handmade Shop". i havent known yet when i could do that, because i'm still learning and learning. :)
  4. i almost bring my digicam everywhere i go. i love documented whatever i do. it's so fun!
  5. my favorite color is yellow. lilbeat different with other. yellow means cheerful for me. i have some stuffs whose color is yellow. but i just have one yellow clothe and veil. hahahaha!
  6. i'm a woman who does anything by plan. i always write my schedule, assignment, target, etc on my organizer board. i used to write them in a notebook and bring it everywhere. i started it since i was in junior high school, but when i was on 2nd semester in college i changed it into organizer board. it helps me to remember my dreams so i could reach them. recent target : i graduated in 4 years, as i wished when i studied in college for the 1st time. :)
  7. the last.. (when i'm confuse what else i should write...), i and my boyfriend (my heart says 'my husband to be') are collecting novel together. we are joint to buy some novels, and collect it. we both are book lovers. :)
oke, that's it. i've paid my promises.

My 1st Job Fair

Thursday, July 22nd 2010, i came to a job fair. as you know, i'm a fresh graduate. so, it was my 1st time coming to job fair. i went there with Rani. i applied to six companies, one of them ask me to do the interview test on the next day, as i said here.

Oh My God. i was confuse and nervous to face it. what should i do? hahhahah. to soothe the nerves, i decided to buy a new pair of shoes. hahahha, every women love shopping. i dont have any high heels shoes, i'm a flat shoes lover! then, i bought these :

black shoes -Amanda Janes

ya.. ya.. ya.. the heel isn't too high, because i dont wanna hurt my feet. ;p

i got my 1st blog award, and i'll do my promise on the next post!

Meet Raditya Dika

last Monday, July 19th, 2010, my favorite writer Raditya Dika held a talkshow in Gramedia Merdeka at 2 - 4 pm. it's about his new book, Marmut Merah Jambu (MMJ).

i've bought the book (click here), and i drool to come to his talkshow. i've prepared all the things in the morning. i brought all Raditya Dika book whose i have to campus because i must take care of my academic transcript. i had some plans on that day : campus, talkshow, and go to BEC with my dad. that was only my plan! because the fact was totally incompatible! i always hate to take care of all the birocration stuff, especially in my campus. it usually needs much time. we couldn't get what we want on the same day we ask. :(

Sooo, at the heart of the matter, i spend time on campus until 2 pm which is talkshow time! and trip from campus to gramedia is about 2 hours! Arrrgghh! i felt boring, and i would fain not to come to talkshow. :(

i decided to meet my dad at BEC. i arrived there at 4 pm. FYI, gramedia merdeka location is neighboring with BEC. i was so curious whether the talkshow is delayed. i walked to gramedia, asked to security guard, ran to 3rd floor, and rushed in the bunch. i came in last 5 minutes. it was signature time. lucky me, Raditya Dika signed my books, and took a photo with me. Yipiiee...

look at my dingy face! hahhahha..

eventhough i couldn't join the talkshow, at least i could get his signature and photo :)

after that, i met my dad in BEC, we would by a new handphone for me! how lucky i am!

finally i got the time!

helloooooooo... :)

how are you? i really miss you, miss posting something. and today, thank's God it's Sunday. i have free time to post some entries. yes! yes! actually, i have a schedule with my mom, we're going to Pasar Baru to take my graduation kebaya and buy something. but we canceled it until next week. Sooo, i'm here, sharing to you. :)

hey, i'm confused, where do i have to start? because it might be 4 entries. do i have to separate them one by one or write them on one posting? ya.. ya.. ya.. i prefer separate them! oke, have a nice reading. :))

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my 1st blog award

thanks to mbak dewi Innocentia who gave me this award! so sweeeet.. hehehehe..
i must tell 7 things about my self and give this award to 5 other people. buuuuuuuuut.. sorry, i can't do that now. but i promise i'll do that as soon as i'm free. i couldnt think clearly right now. :)
you have to know, i'm very busy this week. i have some entries to tell, but i dont have the time. :(
so, i'll recap them, as usual. wait ya..

then, why can i post it? because i must tell you all that i'm busy. hahahha

oh yeah, tomorrow i have a job interview. it will be my 1st time. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


hi :)

how's your Sunday? your saturday? saturday night?
me? bad!
hhhfffthh.. my mood is totally decrease last night, and it still happen until now. i dont like this situation!

"hey, you! we are not hostile, aren't we?"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Musical Flightventue

click the picture to enlarge :)

angklung is indonesian's!
be there to prove that you are proud of it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

handmade stuff again

this is my 6th entry. hahaha.

i bought some handmade stuff again on Thursday, July 15th 2010 at Otista Street and Pasar Baru. yayness!

some felt and cotton fabrics

vaselin fabric

i have a dream to make my own handmade shop. i wish i could. :)

no! it's not our pre wedding picture!


our photos are already done! woohoo..


just made this cute towel for my sister..

do you want to order it? i'll made for you, designed by your own self.. and i'll grant it. send your email to


Kawasan Tekstil Cigondewah

on Wednesday... July 14th, 2010. i went to Kawasan Tekstil Cigondewah (KTC) for buying some fabrics. my dad accompanied me, thanks dad! it was my 1st time to go there and i was really impress with it! there are much fabrics shop with cheaper price! i bought some, for fulfill my passion, crafting!

some cotton fabrics

0,5 kg dacron

yeeeaay! can't wait ti use them!

oh finally i got you both!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010.

i went to Gramedia Merdeka Sale. it was the last day, i forgot when it was started. yes! i bought these two books. they are two of my reward after i finish the "tetek bengek skripsi". hehehhe

i'll post about the review later!

another dating story

hi everyone.. :)

oh, i really miss you all. it's kinda weird, i have much free time, but i never post this blog, whereas i have some to tell. haha. so, as usual, i'll post more than one! :)

last saturday ( July 10th, 2010), my boyfriend came! yippieee! we did some fun things, like took picture on studio, watched eclipse, and had dinner with my family. here are some photos. enjoy.. :)

my casual outfit *as always*
| unbranded green hijab| top - graphis |denim - heritage | tote bag - batik keris |

at Jonas Photo Studio

hehehehe, i used to think that a couple who take photo on studio is kinda ancient. but we did that! hahahha

we both love rubik!

irwan bought 2, and gave me one! yeeeay!
see my last rubik story, here.

we watched this crunchy movie. i almost slept.

when we were having dinner with my parents and my little sister at Istana Plasa food court.
hahahaha, i don't know why i didn't take their photos.

i was starving and forgot to take food pictures before we ate.

my new perfumes! Vio Fantasy.
my mom granted us (with my sister) to buy them. yuhuuu!

that's it.

ps : sorry for my insensitiveness, dear. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*, S.Si.


today is my day! today is our day! yep, us! everyone who graduated today!


soooo, today is my yudisium. it means, i officially graduated from Padjadjaran University, majoring Statistics with 31 others.

these are some pictures....

before the "show", ate in canteen

after the yudisium, with besties.

with our lectures..

well, actually, in my group, only me and rani who did yudisium today. but, we shared the happiness!

i got little present from my parent. dont think a present like others. my parents didn't call it present it was like a little appreciation of my effort. hehehehe. my dad sent pulse from malaysia, and my mom bought 1 dozen of J.Co. very simple! it's not about the present, but it's about the sense, right?

feel the loneliness

hi :)

my friend, mitha, asked me about my seldomness posting on this blog. Hmm, yeah, i feel that so. it may because i don't have any new photos to share. i like reading a post which has picture, so i love posting and add picture on it. and i think i didn't have new interesting story. hehehehe..

but, i was wrong, actually. i forgot about my pleasing loneliness. you have to know, when i need to be alone, i would have fun with my self, like spending time in a mall, moreover watching movie in cinema! it works for me. some friends said it's lil'beat weird. yeah, i know. but i'm sure, one or some of you agree with me, and have ever done it?

Sooo, last friday, i did it again! first, i want to campus for 5 minutes just for taking my transcript. then i decided to watching new movie : 3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta, alone! yippieee..

this movie is quiet good. at the heart of the matter, every people have their own mate. even we have strove, but if he/she isn't our mate, we wouldn't be together. nice! :)

then, after watching, i shop at Yogya Department Store. and at the night, i met my mom and my little sister to eat wedang ronde jahe. yeeaaaay!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

toy story 3

oh yeah, i forgot to write about it. i watched this great movie last sunday with my sister, teh dini.

blog means a lot!

hi :)

i'm too happy right now, too excited! i post about my close friend last night, and it works! she replied my comment on her blog, and also comment on my post. then, we "met" again, having a good communication *i wish*. thank's to google, and our blog! yeah, blog means a lot!

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