Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

my graduation day

me with white and red roses

with my lovely family

with my grandpa, grandma, and uncle

with my beloved irwan

me, rani, ade


the choosen twelve

sorry for disappearing so long.. i really miss you so much. :))

those photos above were taken in my graduation day (august 24th, 2010). oh finally i can graduate from unpad in punctual. now, i'm a scholar! it was a happy and also heartwarming day. thanks a lot for everyone, especially for my parents. i love them so much. i dedicated this for them. :)

oh yeah, i'll tell you what i must choose. as i said here. last week, when i wrote that post, i got an announcement that told me about a jobtest. and the date was same with my graduation day. it became so hard because the job is good, and i'm sure almost everyone wants that job. but, graduation ceremony was also important. after a long discussing with my parents and uncles, i decided to choose graduation day. because my uncle who works in the company which held the test, i still have other chance to participate. hehehehehe... :))

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

when i must choose...

hi :)

how are you? me? bad.
i was still ok, when i haven't read that announcement yet. it caused i must face in two different situation, and i must choose! i hate it. yeah, i know, life is about choosing. it's really hard, when you meet two good options. you must take the risk. MySpace

FYI, actually i would post some fun entries. i have some, about culinary, shopping, daily activity, etc. as i said on last post, i promise i'll post when my mood goes back. i had very good mood. then, that email ruin my mood suddenly. yep, i checked my email firstly. i got very important email. Hmm.. i cant tell you about the email until i choose. i'm still confuse. i'm too confuse, dont know what i have to choose. i cried.

i think it's the other most difficult option. yeah, everyone always has options, including me. i have ever faced some options. the 1st most difficult option was.. when i had to choose which college i would enter. it was soooooo hard! it was between STPB (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung) majoring Tourism Destination Management, and Padjadjaran University majoring Statistics. both are okay! my heart said STPB. my parents said up to me. i asked some friends and family, they said up to me. until i heard two uncle who said Statistics, they gave the reasons which made me change the choice. i chose Statistics Padjadjaran University. they also said that i was not allowed to regret with my choice, if i see STPB's student or alumni who is more success. as time goes by in unpad, of course i have ever regret when i met difficult subject! sometimes i visualized if i studied in STPB. i always skim that thought and remembered my uncle's said. and finally, i graduate from unpad with god GPA. MySpace

and now,

aaaarrrrggghh, i still dont have the choice. MySpace

oh yeah, i'm a moody crafter who cant finish the project on time. BAD! MySpace

ps : sorry for changing the fun post to drab post.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

saturday night

hai hai..
how is your saturday night?
me? as usual, watch tv with my family.. actually, i have some photos to share, but i feel quite lazy to do that. i'll upload them as soon as my mood goes back. :)
oh, i miss my boyfriend so much. he's currently in pontianak, doing his duties. he will back on Monday, but we cant meet on that day. we may meet in my graduation ceremony. :(

i just edited my blog color theme,, hahahaha, i think it's so girly, not so me! but overall i like it, what do you think? can you give your opinion? ya.. ya.. ya.. i know, i love yellow so much,but i dont know why, i drool with pink tonight. so, this is the impact, my blog layout has much more pink. :))

i wanna say thanks for everyone who keeps reading Serba Biasa, thank you so much, dear! ehm, for you, foreign readers who dont know what Serba Biasa is, i'll try to explain it. Serba Biasa is from Bahasa (indonesian's language). it used to be my blog on friendster. then, i made an account on blogger, i was confused what i should name it. i just remembered Serba Biasa. in english, it means like... (i'm confuse) everything is so ordinary. like me, just ordinary people, like others. but, that is so last year! because now, i know, everyone have their own special side self. extraordinary! so, how is my blog? should i change its name?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

orange - carrot

went Yogya Dept. Store for buying some denims, dress, and pajamas. yeaaay! sorry, i didnt have their photos.

then, had a late lunch at Yogya Food Court.

orange - carrot juice.
another favorite fresh beverage.

soto jakarta

aquamarine corduroy and colorful yarns

yellow rain coat

got a cute yellow rain coat from my neighbor. hahaha, thanks anyway!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bandung Book Center

last Saturday, which is last day in July, i and my sister went to Palasari to buy some her school books. Palasari is a traditional market which sells books. there are lots of bookstall. the books are really cheap. it is like Kwitang in Jakarta. sorry, i forgot to take some pictures about the market.

but, i didnt forget to take picture in Bandung Book Center. it is a discount book store in Palasari, it is like Gramedia, but smaller and the most important : cheaper and display much more books! the corridor between bookshelves is so tiny, i couldnt imagine when fat person shop there. (T_T)
even though it has tiny corridor, but it still crowded. many people shop there, include me! i love books so much, so i will love the book store who gives big discount too. hahahaha

i captured it on the stairs. the store has 2 floors.
no, the store is not only this much. the stairs is in the middle of the stores, so there is another books space behind me.

look! those are just small part from that store. we can see thousands books, i think there must be millions book in the whole stores. sorry, the images are really bad, blur, i captured it while i was walking. :)

i bought two books there, the discount is 30%. yippieeeee...

Warung Bakso Pa Oyen

went to warung bakso pak oyen for brunch. it has lots branches, i came at Melong Asih branch. :)

coconut - avocado ice

mie baso yamien

i tried to add sauce and kecap, and i was regret! hahahaha. i add nothing on my meatball except chili.

The Solis Ice Cream Zone

puding ice cream
three images above were captured at The Solis Ice Cream Zone, a little eatery at Cijerah, Bandung. i went there when i was waiting for my motorcycle which was washed. it's all about ice cream. the price is very cheap, the most expensive is only 7000 IDR. wew!

Pempek Rama in d'kiosk Braga

hi.. :)

i just add a new label on my blog, 'culinary'. yeah, i think that i'm quite often posting about culinary but i never separate them in special label. so, i decide to do that! and it means, i must edit some previous post to tag the label. :( and, i found some culinary photos in my handphone and digicam which havent been uploaded.

starting from d'kiosk Braga.. who doesnt know d'kiosk? it is a food court which has lots delicious food and beverage. the price is reachable. i love to eat there whether with my friends, family, and also boyfriend. it has some branches, in Bandung, i dont know how many branches, exactly i just have ever eaten in Braga and Dago. do you know anywhere else? lemme know..

do you remember when i told you about Job Fair in Landmark Braga? (click here). actually, after visiting that event, i and rani had lunch in d'kiosk Braga. i forgot to post about our lunch :)

i ordered Pempek Rama and coconut-lemon ice. superb combination.

Pempek, culinary from Palembang

Coconut-lemon ice. sooooo fresh!

sorry for the images quality. they were shot by my handphone which has only 2mp camera. i didnt bring my digicam. :)

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