Monday, January 10, 2011

three days with ami

1st day...
had lunch at Gokana Teppan, Ciwalk.. for eating some japanese food. ami was craving for ramen.

sorry for the quality

watched Gulliver's Travels movie..

shopped some Purezentos thingy like 2011 calendars, mug, and clock. :)

dinner at Kambing Bakar Cairo..

sorry (again) for the quality

2nd day...

lunch at Bebek Van Java. we ordered Peking Duck. nyams!

shopped for my boarding house thingy.. :)

i also bought BB Cream Maybelline .

i'm curious to have it. i ever tried it from my cousin and i like the result, very smooth. but my friend said that cream could make your skin dry. i was confuse, but actually i bought it. i want to know how this cream will work to my face. dasar wanita...

3rd day...
we stayed at my home. :)

Ami is one of my close friend in campus. i think, she is the closest since we were in 1st semester. she came from Pematang Siantar, North Sumatera. we seldom meet and gossip anymore since i graduated. we often made appointment to meet but it never be success. and finally, we could meet last week and did some fun things! :)

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