Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hidangan Laut

finally, i could be online. i was rather busy in this last week of ramadhan. today is 28th day, and a couple day we'll meet iedul fitri. insya Alloh... :)

on last day of august, i had a breakfasting with my besties in campus. unhappily, there were only 6 from 12 of us. :( we met at Hidangan Laut, jalan Cilaki Bandung.

ade - me

from left to right :
mitha - ade - wati - vpey - me - nina

mitha - ade - herawati

vpey - me - nina

what we ate..
cah kangkung udang

cumi cabai hijau

kerang rebus

sapo tahu ayam

udang asam manis

what i wore...

unbranded hijab - pasar baru trade center
gee eight long tee - Bnadung Indah Plaza
guchi pink chain bag - Yogya Pasaraya
free & free blue black denim - Yogya Pasaraya
st.moritz flat - Matahari Dept. Store

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