Monday, September 27, 2010

i don't call it : the last.

had a great dating on weekend. woohoo. :D

day 1 : Saturday, Sept 25th 2010.

i made 'cheese and chocolate banana roll' for irwan. :)

special for him. hehehe

he gave me these :

oleh-oleh from his hometown

cooking book.
yeah, i can't cook well. irwan wants wife also a chef for himself.
he wants me learn from that book. oh my God.

then, we went to Bandung Book Centre, accompanied him buying the thinnest book, "Undang-undang Perpajakkan Lengkap".

before buying the book. it's very thin, isn't it? *hueks!*
we got 25% discount. yeay!

then we went to Yogya Department Store. irwan wanted to buy a bagpack. he got 50% discount for Polo. yeah! :D we also had a late lunch at Baso Semar. *sorry, i forgot take the pics*

Bandung is having a bad weather, so we just had a simply quick date. we were better at home.


i'm still a jobless. :(
i always try to find a job. irwan helped me to find, and he was more enthusiastic than me!

thank's for helping, my baby irwansyah!

day 2 : Sunday, Sept 26th 2010

went to Bandung Electronic Center, irwan bought this :

Nokia C3

moved to Cihampelas Walk, watched a kinda good movie...

and ate at Pizza Hut, tried their new menus...

Chickenfish Pronto Canneloni

Beef Lasagna

Cold Milo Dinosaur

How was your weekend?


  1. cie cie...
    yg abis nge date...
    hueeek,,,itu buku bikin aku muntah,,,hehehehe
    aku juga punya,,,tapi kmana ya itu buku skarang???hehehhee

  2. glad you had fun this weekend! :) hope you find a job soon!!

    i just posted my giveaway.. come check it out!

  3. undang2 pajak lengkap *hueks huahahahahahahaha memang memuakan baca itu... =P
    ada yg tipisnya via software huehehehehehehehehe


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