Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Weddings and My Birthday

Hola! happy weekend everyone!
i'll tell you about my last weekend and my birthday.. yeah, it's quite late. :)

Sooooo... last Saturday, i and irwan attended in my college friend's wedding, Seilla. i was really excited, because Seilla's wedding used adat Jawa which is i'll use that on my wedding, someday. :)

seperangkat gamelan jawa! ohh.. me likey! :)

with my college friends

my outfit...

unbranded black long tee & and hijab
Gaudi black *i dont know the name*
Batik Keris Skirt
Charles & Keith Sandals
Bingo by Yongki Komaladi Clutch Bag

on the next day, i attended one of my family wedding with my mom. i forgot to take the party pics. i just shot my outfit. :)

unbranded black long tee, hijab, and shoes.
gee*eight flowery maxi dress
Hana black chain bag

several days ago, i was officially 23rd years old. yeah, that was my birthday (October 7th). i didn't celebrate it, oh, i never celebrate my birthday. i think, it was my worse birthday, because my boyfriend forgot it!

my boyfriend forgot my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was really disapointed. jahaaaaatttt...
he didn't call me at midnite as he did last year. he just texted me, at lunch time. huhuhuhu...

i "celebrate" my birthday alone, i did shopping. yeah! i'm a member of Gaudi and Gee*eight. they give discount on their member's birthday. gee*eight give buy one get one free for all items! nad Gaudi give 20% discount for all items. who doesn't love it?

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  1. belated happy birthday! you should've punished your bf for forgetting your birthday! hahaha ! :D



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