Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bandung Book Center

last Saturday, which is last day in July, i and my sister went to Palasari to buy some her school books. Palasari is a traditional market which sells books. there are lots of bookstall. the books are really cheap. it is like Kwitang in Jakarta. sorry, i forgot to take some pictures about the market.

but, i didnt forget to take picture in Bandung Book Center. it is a discount book store in Palasari, it is like Gramedia, but smaller and the most important : cheaper and display much more books! the corridor between bookshelves is so tiny, i couldnt imagine when fat person shop there. (T_T)
even though it has tiny corridor, but it still crowded. many people shop there, include me! i love books so much, so i will love the book store who gives big discount too. hahahaha

i captured it on the stairs. the store has 2 floors.
no, the store is not only this much. the stairs is in the middle of the stores, so there is another books space behind me.

look! those are just small part from that store. we can see thousands books, i think there must be millions book in the whole stores. sorry, the images are really bad, blur, i captured it while i was walking. :)

i bought two books there, the discount is 30%. yippieeeee...

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