Wednesday, August 18, 2010

when i must choose...

hi :)

how are you? me? bad.
i was still ok, when i haven't read that announcement yet. it caused i must face in two different situation, and i must choose! i hate it. yeah, i know, life is about choosing. it's really hard, when you meet two good options. you must take the risk. MySpace

FYI, actually i would post some fun entries. i have some, about culinary, shopping, daily activity, etc. as i said on last post, i promise i'll post when my mood goes back. i had very good mood. then, that email ruin my mood suddenly. yep, i checked my email firstly. i got very important email. Hmm.. i cant tell you about the email until i choose. i'm still confuse. i'm too confuse, dont know what i have to choose. i cried.

i think it's the other most difficult option. yeah, everyone always has options, including me. i have ever faced some options. the 1st most difficult option was.. when i had to choose which college i would enter. it was soooooo hard! it was between STPB (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung) majoring Tourism Destination Management, and Padjadjaran University majoring Statistics. both are okay! my heart said STPB. my parents said up to me. i asked some friends and family, they said up to me. until i heard two uncle who said Statistics, they gave the reasons which made me change the choice. i chose Statistics Padjadjaran University. they also said that i was not allowed to regret with my choice, if i see STPB's student or alumni who is more success. as time goes by in unpad, of course i have ever regret when i met difficult subject! sometimes i visualized if i studied in STPB. i always skim that thought and remembered my uncle's said. and finally, i graduate from unpad with god GPA. MySpace

and now,

aaaarrrrggghh, i still dont have the choice. MySpace

oh yeah, i'm a moody crafter who cant finish the project on time. BAD! MySpace

ps : sorry for changing the fun post to drab post.

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