Friday, August 27, 2010

my graduation day

me with white and red roses

with my lovely family

with my grandpa, grandma, and uncle

with my beloved irwan

me, rani, ade


the choosen twelve

sorry for disappearing so long.. i really miss you so much. :))

those photos above were taken in my graduation day (august 24th, 2010). oh finally i can graduate from unpad in punctual. now, i'm a scholar! it was a happy and also heartwarming day. thanks a lot for everyone, especially for my parents. i love them so much. i dedicated this for them. :)

oh yeah, i'll tell you what i must choose. as i said here. last week, when i wrote that post, i got an announcement that told me about a jobtest. and the date was same with my graduation day. it became so hard because the job is good, and i'm sure almost everyone wants that job. but, graduation ceremony was also important. after a long discussing with my parents and uncles, i decided to choose graduation day. because my uncle who works in the company which held the test, i still have other chance to participate. hehehehehe... :))


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