Saturday, August 7, 2010

saturday night

hai hai..
how is your saturday night?
me? as usual, watch tv with my family.. actually, i have some photos to share, but i feel quite lazy to do that. i'll upload them as soon as my mood goes back. :)
oh, i miss my boyfriend so much. he's currently in pontianak, doing his duties. he will back on Monday, but we cant meet on that day. we may meet in my graduation ceremony. :(

i just edited my blog color theme,, hahahaha, i think it's so girly, not so me! but overall i like it, what do you think? can you give your opinion? ya.. ya.. ya.. i know, i love yellow so much,but i dont know why, i drool with pink tonight. so, this is the impact, my blog layout has much more pink. :))

i wanna say thanks for everyone who keeps reading Serba Biasa, thank you so much, dear! ehm, for you, foreign readers who dont know what Serba Biasa is, i'll try to explain it. Serba Biasa is from Bahasa (indonesian's language). it used to be my blog on friendster. then, i made an account on blogger, i was confused what i should name it. i just remembered Serba Biasa. in english, it means like... (i'm confuse) everything is so ordinary. like me, just ordinary people, like others. but, that is so last year! because now, i know, everyone have their own special side self. extraordinary! so, how is my blog? should i change its name?

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  1. terkadang dari sesuatu yg biasa bisa menjadi luar biasa...just believin ur self girl..



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