Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pempek Rama in d'kiosk Braga

hi.. :)

i just add a new label on my blog, 'culinary'. yeah, i think that i'm quite often posting about culinary but i never separate them in special label. so, i decide to do that! and it means, i must edit some previous post to tag the label. :( and, i found some culinary photos in my handphone and digicam which havent been uploaded.

starting from d'kiosk Braga.. who doesnt know d'kiosk? it is a food court which has lots delicious food and beverage. the price is reachable. i love to eat there whether with my friends, family, and also boyfriend. it has some branches, in Bandung, i dont know how many branches, exactly i just have ever eaten in Braga and Dago. do you know anywhere else? lemme know..

do you remember when i told you about Job Fair in Landmark Braga? (click here). actually, after visiting that event, i and rani had lunch in d'kiosk Braga. i forgot to post about our lunch :)

i ordered Pempek Rama and coconut-lemon ice. superb combination.

Pempek, culinary from Palembang

Coconut-lemon ice. sooooo fresh!

sorry for the images quality. they were shot by my handphone which has only 2mp camera. i didnt bring my digicam. :)

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