Monday, October 11, 2010


beautiful date and beautiful day (should be).

attended to my elementary school best friend, Asyifa. oh my God. i felt like we have just separated several days ago, and her wedding invitation really shocked me! anw, congratulation dear... :)

me - ninis - dhilah

they are my bestfriend since we were studying at elementary school. ninis was my deskmate. and dhilah was the bride's deskmate. stupid me, i didn't take asyifa and her husband picture from my camera. :(

yeah, this is us, as always. we wore clothes which have similar color. :D

actually, we were gonna go to Pasar Seni ITB. i love crafting, and that will be so much crafting thingy there. but, we canceled it, because there were traffic everywhere and irwan must come back to Jakarta! yeah, beautiful date, 10.10.10 means lots of couple married on that day and other special agenda who was held. :(


  1. i heard so many people got engaged/married that day. wow. amazing. :D congrats to your friend.

    and you guys are so cute to wear same color everytime. haha!


  2. cieee yg abis nge date...
    jadi kapan nyusul???

  3. rame banget ya pasar seni ITB hehehe ;p ihii cocok deh sama cowok disebelahnya.

  4. serasi warnanya!!
    two thumbs up!!


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