Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it happened intuitively, and i was happy.

hello, fellas!

i had some activities today, such a tiring day. i must go to enhai, maranatha university, bandung train station, pitimoss, gramedia merdeka, and my campus at jatinangor.. many places i must come and they are in opposite direction..

Hmm, i went to enhai for aplying CPNS Disbudpar, but a missunderstanding happened.. from the information, we (the applicants) think that we could apply everywhere, as long as it is near from our domicile.. so, i went to STPB (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung) or people often call it enhai, which also held the registration.. when i face the committee, they said that i must apply at Head Office, at Jalan Medan Merdeka, Jakarta.. because my subject and position is for Head Office, so i couldn't apply from enhai.. oh, they didn't inform it on their online announcement, and it caused many applicants were wrong..

Soooo... tomorrow i'll go to Jakarta, just a one day short trip, for aplying CPNS in Disbudpar.. and irwan will pick me up at Gambir Train Station. oh, i'm so happy to know i'll meet him tomorrow! yeay! because for all i know he must work, right? but he said that he is going to pick me up then go back to his office.. because his office is near from Gambir and Disbudpar.. and i dont know that.. hehehe

good night, i'll continue it as soon as i am home from jakarta! ;)


  1. cie cie cie...
    yg ktemu pacar....

    eh,,knapa pas aku ke bandung gak skalian kopdar ma kmu ya....haduuuh,,lupa euy...hehehe

  2. eh,,,uda balik ya???
    gmana tdi?????

  3. Tiari, congrats ya dear
    kamu menang nih :

    send me full adress via email to :
    secepatnya ya


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