Monday, October 11, 2010

you paid!

i always had a great weekend when he came... :)

thanks for the surprises and the gift honey..

yeah! uno stacko.
i always drool to have this toy since i was a child. it is quite expensive for me, so i never asked my parents to buy this. then, when i and irwan shopped his outfit, we found it. i was staring down to it, remember my childhood who never had this. i just said to him that we must have it, someday, we are gonna play it with our children. :)

i also tweet this several weeks ago..

and he gave me! i never expected, because he often gave novels as my gift. hahaha. thanks a bunch!

then we watched new hilarious indonesian movie.. MadameX..

had a romantic dinner at The Peak Urbana. cozy place and delicious foods and beverages.. nyums!

favorite spot

that was our 1st time visiting The Peak Urbana. so, i better choose standard menu, so i can compare with other restaurant.. :)

iced cappucino
lil beat different with other, tasty!

chicken cordon bleu

and irwan ordered these..

pineapple juice
too sour, i think..

honey glazed chicken

i always in love with you... hehehehe

and about my outfit...

unbranded long tee and purple paris hijab
gee*eight purple........ *rrr... i dont know what people usually call that clothe*
free&free denim
st. moritz flat shoes

yeah, that was such a tired day, but i really enjoyed every single time with him. you paid your forgetfulness. hahahaha

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