Monday, April 11, 2011

3 crucial things :)

oh my God, it has been 1 month since my last post was written. so sorry to leave you so long, dear my blog.. :(

there were lots of things happen. there would be 3 crucial things :
  1. i have stayed in jakarta for 1 month to work. so, after i wrote the last post, somebody called me, announced that i had to start a work orientation in Jakarta and Puncak. ah ya, i have so much fun activities at Puncak. i met lots of new gorgeous friends from all around Indonesia. and now, i miss that momments. i promise, i'll post about this detailly..
  2. i go to bandung every 2 weeks. yep, i still need Bandung as i need air. ;p
  3. starting from yesterday, my eyes are officially friend with glasses.. yup yup yup, i'm a glasses woman.. and i dont enjoy it. feels that there is something bordering my eyes.. hiks.. i'll upload my glasses face soon! :)
hmm.. it's 8 am already. i must work! ciao! :))

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