Saturday, July 9, 2011

few stories from an unforgettable moment, called prajab.

whoaaa, it has been more than 1 months since my last post. it caused by doing an activity, named DIKLAT PRAJABATAN for 24 days. it feels like we are quarantined to be a better civil servants. :)

and these are some photos, edited by Kak Mey. :D

the craziest thing..

Hwaaa, i miss them a lot!

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  1. whoooaa... Prajab memang menyenangkan.. rasanya gak mau balik ke satker masing2.. hehehe

    The craziest thing we do is just being crazy about each other.. #eaaaa

    Salam Prajab angkatan 6.. The ExSIXth


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