Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting Thingy

it's Thursday already and i do not want to do anything except blogwalking and others. just sitting on my puzzle carpet, in front of the notebook, in one of my room's corner. yeah, it is my favorite activities when i don't know to do else. :)

and this post is about Crafting. do you remember? i had some 'promises to myself', three of them are about crafting. i would make a birthday present for Sasha, stitch towel, and finish irwan's pillow case. i couldn't finish the last one, the pillow case. but, i made the others! more than two! i also made frame handmade, needle cushion, and a glass pad. :))

here they are...

flowery glass pad

flowery frame
inspired by cemprut

a frame name for sasha's 2nd birthday
inspired by cemprut

needle cushion

towelli towel

that's all. what do you think fellas? yeah, i know, they aren't as good as professional crafter's made, i just love to make them and feel satisfied when i saw the result. :) i planned to add some application on the towel, but i have no idea what i should put. can you help me?

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