Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bismillah, one step ahead


having been together for almost 2 years, i and irwan plan to make our relationship more seriously.. yeah, we are gonna be engaged. doain yaaaakk.. :)

but, we haven't decide the right date, because we are waiting for my grandparents who are doing hajj and the announcement about irwan's job removal. if irwan are still here until the last of this year, we wish we could engage on the 3rd 0r 4th weekend of december.. amien. but, if he must move in the short future, the Day might be held on January or February 2011.. :)

fyuuuuhh, lega! finally, i could post about it!
actually, the plan emerged almost 3 weeks ago. uhm, no, more than 3 weeks ago. but the official plan was 3 weeks ago. because before that, engagement is just our dream, without asking it to our parents. hahaha. nah, we asked to our parents 3 weeks ago, so that was the official plan. and our parents were agree! alhamdulillah.. ;)

irwan forbade me to post it yet, because we haven't prepared anything. we even haven't discussed with our own family. but now, the preparation has been started! we have been meeting with our own family and we also have ordered our rings! *i'll post about it later*


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