Wednesday, November 10, 2010

unique and ethnic


i had three happiness when i was back from Jakarta.. :)

the first one is..
my giveaway from innocentia had come! *sorry for posting so lately, i was quite busy on last week..*

my sister opened it when i wasn't at home..

a cute Bali Hobo Bag.
the real bag is more beautiful than on the picture. i love it!

the reason why i'm in love with 'her'...

thank's a lot Mbak Citra for the giveaway.. i'll wear it soon!

the second and third ones are...

a cute embroidery little bag and clutch!

i suddenly fell in love with them when i saw them on a UKM Exhibition at SMESCO UKM Building.. that was an unplanned visiting, because one of my CPNS test was held on the 3rd floor SMESCO Building. and the exhibition was held on the 1st floor. i visited the exhibition while i was waiting for my cousin who would pick me up. they were in Aceh Booth. yeah, they are original from Aceh, Sumatera..

look, it is beautiful, rite?
it could be a clutch or even a wallet!

madly in love..

they are so mine! unique and ethnic...

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