Wednesday, November 17, 2010

dear my fellow, i need your opinion, please... :)

Blog is more interesting for me since i told you about my engagement plan. i always feel more enthusiastic to tell you every single thing about the preparation in the middle of my hectic time being a jobseeker who must do some test and of course it forces me to study. haiyah...

nah, and now i'm lil beat confuse. what do you think, fellow? do i have to make a new blogger account specifically for sharing about the preparation? like other couples who have wedding preparation blog *sstt.. those are my favorite blogs to read. :)* they tell about the preparation, since they would be engaged, until they got married, even their after married life! i love to read them!

or, i just tell it here, merge into my daily blog? i could put new label, for example 'engaged prep'?
uhm, which one is better? help me, please... :)

i know, i have kindly readers who want help me to solve it. i really thank to you! :D

Happy Iedul Adha


  1. hahaha,,,ayo bikin wedding blog...
    aku juga punya,,,tapi akhirnya tak terurus...lebih sering updet di blog sendiri...wkwkwkwk

  2. it'll be hard to manage two blogs right? just use this one, tag it like you want. engagement will be part of your life like this blog kan??
    :P congrats ya.....


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