Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pasar Tongtong

this is a late posting about my date. ehehe! sorry.. yeah, it might be quite boring, but it was the most important date ever! ;p
because on this dating (October 31st, 2010), i and irwan talked seriously about our engagement plan for the 1st time.. :)

it was started by watching movie at Cihampelas Walk. we watched Piranha, which was false. actually, i wanted to watch Step Up 3D, but irwan wanted Piranha. oke, i gave way.. :(

and after watching it, we were regret! it such an ordinary movie like anaconda and any wild animals movies else. it was also too vulgar, which showed sexy women everywhere. and i don't like most : it was really disgusting, a bloody movie! hueeeks!

then, we had late lunch at Pasar Tongtong.. it was our 1st time. Pasar Tongtong is new culinary place at Ciwalk. we tried to eat there because many customer visited it. it has unique decoration, as its name : Pasar (in english, pasar means market). yeah, we were like eating at traditional market. very unique!

frame seller
*look, it is like in our traditional market, rite?*

magazines seller
*it is also cashier*

cotton candy, sold by an old bike


about the taste, yeah, it is also delicious! we love them. i ordered soto mie and ice tea (like food and beverage which is sold in traditional market, rite?), they are tasty! irwan ate bebek bakar and ice coffee frappe, so yummy! we also bought serabi duren, nyums!

Pasar Tongtong is inspired by Tongtong Festival , which is held in Netherland. it is between Indonesia and Netherland. Uhm, sorry, i don't know well about its complete history. hehehe.

ah ya, i'm narcissism, so you must know what i wore there.. ehehehehe... ^^

unbranded grey hijab and black long tee. Gaudi black top. Free & Free Blue Black Denim. St. Moritz Flat Shoes. Gaudi Brown Bag.

the detail of my top

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