Wednesday, December 29, 2010

(lately) mother day

yeah, let's talk about Mother Day.. hahaha, i know it's kinda late to talk about it.. but, i haven't share it to you. i was soooo busy since that day, causing i have no time to post.

i and my sister always give something to our mother as her mother day's gift.. but this year, i was in poorest condition.. hahahah.. as you know, a jobless.. i know, i could give any gift which doesnt need money.. but i have no idea.. my plan was just saying happy mother day to her and being a nicer daughter.. hahahaha..

but.. everything was changed.. that was the greatest mother day ever! i gave my mom the biggest present : her dream. finally, Alloh show me the best way.. i got a job! i pass to be an employee of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia.. alhamdulillah... :D

the announcement was in the mother day morning.. i dedicated this to my mom, as mother day present.. what a day.. thank you so much for every pray and support.. :D

and still on that day, i straight to hospital to complete all the regulation. and on the next day i went to Police Quarter, still to complete all the regulations.. and i must go to Jakarta (again and again) to transfer all documents that they ask.. yeah, i was busy..

i'm still being a jobless until March.. hahahaha.. because i must wait for the letter so i can start the job.. but, there is a sad thing in the middle of happiness.. i must move to Jakarta.. huhuhu.. yah, deket juga sih jakarta - bandung.. tapi tetep aja.. :((

i must enjoy every single time in Bandung before being tired of working.. :)

happy holiday..

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