Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kaleidoscope of 2010

Time goes so fast.. Now we are on last two days in 2010. we are going to face 2011.. There are many things happened in 2010, both sadness or even happiness. Our beloved country, Indonesia, had some disasters during this year. let's mention Mentawai's Tsunami, Merapi Volcano, Bromo Volcano, etc. But we always have happiness among the sadness, like UNESCO fixed that Angklung is officially a world heritage, or even the newest is final AFF Cup.. even though we can just be a runner up, but we must see the most important what we got : UNITY. what a beautiful..

My life also had sadness and happiness. i am really grateful to Alloh who always gives me tons of happiness and easy way to get something. i also thank to my parents, family, fiance, friends, fabulous readers, and everyone who always give me support. That was so meaningful. Thank you so much and i love you. :*

And on this post, i'll review some important things that happened to myself during 2010, to remember how God really loves me, loves you, loves us. :)

  • i started my study internship to do my skripsi. that was my 1st time experience to join in an office. :)
  • i decided to post this blog actively.. and my post was almost about my love life story.. hihihi.
  • i was busy with my skripsi.
  • i was still busy with all the skripsi stuffs.
  • i decided to collect novels, collaborated with irwan. yeah, we are books lover.
  • i did my seminar test. one step to finish my study in UNPAD.
  • i did my last step to graduate from UNPAD : SESSION. oh my God, i was very nervous to do that.
  • Fasting month for Moslem.
  • I officially graduated from Padjadjaran University.
  • Eid Mubarak for Moslem.
  • i was busy with seeking job.
  • my birthday! i am being 23 as well
  • yeah, i was still a jobseeker. always try to find a job.
  • won Innocentia giveaway
  • came to two bestfriend wedding.
  • i and irwan planned to make our relationship more seriously.
  • a harder jobseeker! i must be a commuter from bandung to jakarta for doing some CPNS test. i followed 8 CPNS. hahaha. i felt tired of them.
  • my sister's 17 birthday. a and mom gave a little surprise for her.
Alhamdulillah.. i never be tired of saying thank you to Alloh SWT.. thank you, thank you, and thank you..

the last, i'll say..

Happy New Year 2011
May God always gives us tons of happiness..

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