Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Megamind and Widya's Sweet 17 Birthday

oke pals, i hate to do this : writing some entries at the same time. but, i can do nothing. yeah, i do ask sorry for abandoning this blog and comes with more than one stories. :p

last Thursday, on November 25th 2010 was my sister's sweet 17 birthday. i and mom planned to make a little surprise for widya, and mom asked me to buy the birthday cake. yeah! i was very excited to do this, because i could refresh my mind in the middle the hectic test.

1stly, i bought the cake at La Reine cake shop, and i put it there yet because i'll started doing a fun thing with my ownself. i was heading to Cihampelas Walk and watched Megamind Movie. yeah, i know it was kinda late, because people chases Harry Potter and i don't. hahaha. honestly, i have a willing to watched Harry Potter, but i prefer watched Megamind which is showed faster.

yeah! i was very satisfied, Megamind could make me laugh so easy even though i watched it lonely. ah, i always love animation movie.. :)

and at night, the surprise began! it works! yippieee.. happy sweet seventeen birthday my little sister, Widya..

the yummy cake

widya and our lovely mom

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