Wednesday, December 1, 2010

this post is dedicated to you, irwan!

i am so happy to have Irwan in my life. i never have any words to describe every single thing he has done for me. i just feel his honest love and i do the same thing to him. :')

he is the one an only who could understand me so well, even though sometime his way is different. hey, do you know friend, i always smile while typing this entry and thinking so long because i don't know what else i can say to describe him. i love him just the way he is. :)

and, i think this is the sweetest thing he has done : when he called my parents and ask that he wants the engagement day accelerated because he loves me and accepts every lacks whom i have. i konow, i know, it is very usual, and maybe other couple have more interesting story. hehehe.. but, i just feel, *oh my GOD, i even couldn't describe what i feel*

he called my parents while he was waiting for me who did another job test at Istora Senayan. ah ya, i haven't told you that he is going to go to Palu on December 7th. his office gave him the permit to delay the movement. that's why i still could meet him when i was in Jakarta. ok, back to the topic. my test was finished at 1 pm, but he came at 10 am and called my parents without telling me yet! aaahh..

when the test was finished, i was lil bit angry to him because he waited for me in different place and make me waiting for him so long. yeah, may be i'm sensitive because of tiring. he never be angry to me, he's so patient to face me who's emotional.. ;p when he came, he showed our rings! awww, surprise! then, we were heading to Blok M to eat some food and accompany me to Lebak Bulus Terminal. yeah, there was another problem. i was disappointed again to him because of his inviting to Blok M. i think, Blok M is not the suitable place to have fun after doing a mind blowing job test. in my pipe dream, we would go to a big mall which has some cozy places inside. huhuhhuu..

he is like an ice who flush fire (me). he told me that he has called my parents and our engagement day will be accelerated. uhm, i couldn't tell as detail as he did. then i cried because i was regret to angry to him, whereas he has prepared a surprise for me. :(

i'm sorry for every single mistake i've done to you, honey.. :)

and, here we are! preparing our engagement day which will be held less than 5 days later. :D


  1. waaaaa,,,,congrats ya Tiari....

  2. i'm so glad to hear that dear :')

    gilaa..rasanya ga nyangka, setelah ema,,, next perhut tiari yg kejatohan rejeki 'diajak kawin' huaaa...lil' bit envy!! but mostly i'm soooo sooo happy for u,,, :*


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