Thursday, April 22, 2010

about my seminar..

hi :)

finally i could through this day. yeah, alhamdulillah i got B for my seminar, buuuut with so many revisions!!! and, again and again, it was embarassing. i still couldn't answer the question. :(
so, eventhough i've through it, the most strained thing i'll face! huhuhuu..

may i forget it for awhile? and continue it after next monday? oh please, i need a relax actually.. i need my boyfriend. and i guess we'll have so much fun in this weekend! woohooo!

hey, do you feel that bandung is hotter and hotter? i don't like it. it makes my body produces more sweat. iuh.

huhuhuhu, i really hope my cousin come this weekend. i need my digicam ASAP. yes, it has been borrowing. that's why i couldn't add pic here. :(

i'm so tired. i almost didn't sleep. and now i'm very dizzy. good night, i'll sleep early.


  1. selamat ya weety,,,trus bjuang!!!jgn patah semangat!!mari bjuang bsama!!!

  2. iya thaaaaa...
    teos bikin gila!


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