Thursday, April 29, 2010


hi :)

again, and again, i did another silly thing. :)
i fullfill my day by searching Bali Honeymoon Packet. oh my God.. i haven't even known when i'll get married. :)

well, speaking about honeymoon, actually i want have a honeymoon in central java or east java. but i haven't found the tour who provides its packet. because, i think, if we want have honeymoon in a new place, it would be better if we join a tour. so our honeymoon time would be effective. :)

heheheh, i spoke like i've felt a honeymoon! i just got it from googling. :)

oh by the way, i would buy wedding gift for my friend today. well, we would, actually. maybe bed sheet would be a suitable wedding gift for them. heheheheh.. :)

sst, i knew it from a wedding blog, of course!

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