Monday, April 26, 2010

atmosphere for our dating!

hi :)

i and my boyfriend had so much fun on saturday. woohoo!
quality time at home, shopping his wardrobe, and dinner at atmosphere with my family.

finally, i met you, dear! :*

special '16 anniv' snacks : milopuccino and sarikaya toast

i and my sister at atmosphere

the starving me

sop buntut bakar and strawberry float for me

iga bakar rica and tiramisu milkshake for him
the tiramisu milkshake is very delicious, recommended!

the happy three friends ;p

after fullfilling our tummies

candle light dinner :)


i'm your big fans! :D

sorry, i know the pic isn't really good. i used cellphone camera, you know my cousin is borrowing my digicam..

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