Wednesday, April 28, 2010


it's almost one week since my last seminar, and i did nothing. i haven't analyzed! oh my..
and the most "silly" thing is... since i arrived at home, i stayed in my room to read Ollie's wedding blog. she's a writer. and reading her blog is as fun as i read her novels. it was inspiring me to make a wedding blog, too. :)

maybe someday, if i could get married with irwan (amin!) i would share our story in our blog. yeah, it's just a plan sih.. i don't know it could be realized or not.. or, i'll just share it here, on my own blog.. yah, gimana ntar lah..

because blog is one of the most important thing for us! we "met" on a blog. he and i have a blog. maybe it will be fun if we have OUR BLOG. gimana yang?
we also hava similar hobby, writing. the difference is on the interest. me with my real life, him with his poems. so?

speaking about wedding, my childhood friend will get married, TOMORROW!! Woohoo!! and momentarily, my friends will gather in my home to talk about the gift for Nurina (the bride). she will held the reception at house. so, the street has been decorated, and the wedding aura is very feelingly. :)

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