Monday, April 26, 2010

Menebus Impian

and on the 3rd day... i and boyfriend watched Menebus Impian :)

actually, we wouldn't watched any movie today. but my class was canceled, and we did nothing. so, we watched. and our dating theme this month is indonesian movie! hehehehe.. we were confuse because lots movie is showing..

menebus impian is about dreaming and spirit to reach that dream! and one of the way to reach that is join multilevel marketing! like me! heheheh.. yes, i joined oriflame more than 3 years, but i don't have big spirit like in that movie. and from that movie, i got that spirit! hehehhe..

in the afternoon... my irwansyah must back to jakarta! huwaaaaa!!

thank's dear, you've made my weekend so wonderful.. see you next month, sayang!

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