Friday, June 4, 2010

friday effect

hi :)

happy friday all! i'm really enthusiastic to see this great day. i always love friday, because tomorrow is Saturday. MySpace

well, it's not really influence me actually because i almost have holiday everyday. but, this friday is different! because my boyfriend will come tomorrow! woohoo! MySpace
so, he's my influence. i woke up early and straight to finish my skripsi. haaaa..

as we knew, i have a long distance relationship since 1,5 years ago. between Bandung and Jakarta. yeah, it's kinda near, but we meet just once in a month because he's busy and also he start build his career, so he's earning money for our future. MySpace

our plans are going to take some pictures around Braga and Asia Afrika. hope the weather will be bright, watch Prince of Persia (is it late?), and we don't know else. let's see..

oh yeah, i've already made a flickr account!

actually, i don't really understand what flickr is for. so, dear readers, help me to know flickr deeply. thanks before.

have a nice weekend!


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  1. Have a nice friday bee.
    Lots of love.
    Wish you to have a great time with your half part ;)

  2. bukannya udah bikin satu setengah tahun yang lalu?


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