Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i'm back and bring good news!

hi :)

i'm back! i miss you all so badly. i miss sharing everything to you. as i said, i promised i wouldn't post anything until i pass the scholar session. and today was the day, it was my show time. well, let me tell a good news for you,

i pass the scholar session

okay.. it might be just an ordinary thing for you, but i'm not! it is a great moment for me. it is one of life phase, isn't it?

SOoo, i wanna be grateful to everyone who helped me to finish my final project, especially for my parents, my sister, my irwan, and my whole family. thank's a lot for all supports!


what else i couldd say except that? :)

unhappily, i didn't take many photos. i brought my digicam, but i was very nervous so i forgot it. so here are only three photos taken in my home.

it was taken 3 hours before the show. you could see my nervous face. :)

i stick 10 post-it on my desk. i'm a type of person who need scribal motivation.

it's my June planning board. Look! i wrote session more than one!

both photos above are my bestfriend through i was doing the project.

oh yeah, June 23rd is very important, not only because of the session but also today is my anniversary with Irwan. we have been together for 1,5 years. ;)

I'm so happy!


  1. Wow, congratulations Tiari! Proud of you..
    Where will you go to college with that scholarship? :)

  2. congratz! it must have been a hard work, so you deserve to feel happy!
    woow you're the type of person who keep an organizer board! I wish I can be that organized also..


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