Sunday, June 6, 2010

it's time to remember, it's time to be together

hi :)

this is my second post about my dating. haha. a dating which made me so tiring and also hard to get sleep. :)

(i've typed it on Saturday, but unfinished. and on Sunday, my notebook was broken. i and irwan coudn't fix it, so we went to BEC for repairing it. and today, i took it. that's why i delay the post. my notebook was been installed and upgraded to windows7, i lost some important programs, include dictionary. you all know, my english is not good, i always use it while i'm posting ;p. ok, let's back to the post... )

i and irwan (my boyfriend, of course) really did our plans moreover we added some spontaneous ideas! it was great and wonderful. aaaaaahhh, i'm sooo happy! thank's, dear! :*

so, these are some pictures about our dating. we took a lot of pictures! specially for our pictures, you could see them all here. because we took almost 300 pictures, include snapshot. i'll share them in different entries! ;p

it was one of our spontaneous idea. we saw it, we captured. it was in front of the biggest post office in Bandung, which also the central post office. it's a historic building, too.

it was in Masjid Raya Bandung Twin Tower. its height is 87m (20 floors). we could see Bandung view from here. the ticket is only 2000 idr, very cheap!

visitors are only at 19th floor.

these pictures were captured at Asia Afrika Street. The longest street in the world, becuse it connects two continents. ;p

our next destination was Asia Africa Conference Museum. who doesn't know it? Asia Africa Conference was held in Bandung in 1955, and now the building is currently being a museum. great spot for taking pictures. ah yeah, some couple take their pre-wed pictures here.

these pictures above were captured in front of the museum. oh yeah, we brought mini tripod. hehehhe..

i don't know why, i love this picture so much. what do you think?

these pictures above were captured in the museum. unhappily, we couldn't take pictures or record video anywhere. so, there are some places which is protected.

then, we were heading to Braga Street, historic street in Bandung too. we took many pictures, don't forget to visit my flickr ya..

Braga Street

we had late lunch at The Kiosk Braga City Walk (BCW). BCW is a mall at Braga Street who has an apartment, named Aston.

i ate this! its name is Nasi Liwet Jambal Roti. it's a Sundanese traditional food. yeah, i didn't make a mistake, it was a right decision! because the taste was delicious. it's only 15000 idr. very cheap!

Nasi Bakar Cimandiri. Irwan ate this. he was envy at me, because my order was much more. he wasn't full, so he ate my Nasi Liwet too. hahaha! it's only 13000 idr.

then we watched this movie. great!

Wedang Ronde Jahe

Sooooo, our dating was ended by eating Wedang Ronde Jahe at Pasir Kaliki Street. we ussually call it just Wedang Ronde. it's a traditional food from Central Java. it was our 1st time trying Wedang Ronde Pasir Kaliki. it's near from my junior high school. For irwan, it was his 1st time trying wedang ronde in his life. hihihi. do you know? i asked to the seller about the cost. 8000 idr a bowl. it's quiet expensive! in Central Java it's only 3500 idr. but, when i ate this, it was kinda different. and, it's delicious! hahaha.

well, sorry for this long entry. i'm too enthusiastic. thank's for reading it. smooch! :*



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  1. awwwwe~both of u look so sweet together (^^)
    nice pictures



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