Monday, June 14, 2010

because i love the simple one...

i had a tiring Sunday. i, my mom, and my sister went to Pasar Baru to shop kebaya fabrics for my graduation ceremony. So, our theme is gold. actually, i want to wear black kebaya with silver or grey satin inside. but a matter of fact, black kebaya fabric is rare. So, we don't have much options. after long time thinking, we decided to change the theme. the color is gold, but the texture and the motif are very simple, without beads. i always love every simple things.

Sooo, the plan will be like this : i and my mom will wear kebaya but in different design, my sister will wear dress with same fabric, and my dad will wear batik.

Sorry, i couldn't upload the photos, because we were straight to the taylor. the fabric shop also has the taylor. we don't have choose yet where taylor will be used, so we tried to use that taylor. we've seen some kebaya examples, and it's quiet good.

we also went to Istana Plasa for taking my Gaudi member card and ate at the food court. ah yeah, good news for you. Gaudi held Summer Holiday Discount until July 18th, 2010. get 10 % discount for new items and 5% additional discount for member. i'm not sure how much the biggest discount, i saw 40% discount for selected items. it may be the biggest.

i'm never success to ignore buying something when i visit this shop. hehehehe.. i always find something which make me think 'i (may) need it'. like yesterday, i bought a simple black leather belt. SIMPLE, sooooo me!

and my sister bought this one,

fuuuuhhh... i was very tired, shopping all day long. whereas, i had a final test on the next day.

yeah, women always love shopping.

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