Saturday, June 5, 2010

look!! i wore skirt!

hi :)

it's a tring day. i'm really tired but too happy to not post about today. do you remember? i've told you that my boyfriend would come today. and, yes, he came! woohoo!
we had a wonderful day, and i'll share the stories here. but, i have to separate it in some post because it may too much. and it wouldn't work just in one nite. so, be calm yaa...

this is my first post about my dating stories. okay, i'll talk about fashion. yeah, my blog isn't a fashion blog. but i love to see fashion blogs. Serba Biasa is about my life, anything. and i want to try sharing my outfit today. hope you like it.

do you know? i wear skirt soooo rarely. i wore it just in special event, like campus orientation or seminar. i don't feel comfortably when i wore it. and one day, i did a window shopping in Bandung Trade Center, and found many cute skirt. i fell in love suddenly and wanted to buy them! ah poor me, i didn't bring enough money. :(

Soooo, for this special dating, i decided to wear skirt. hahaha. okay, i know i typed too much. sorry..

unbranded (pink hijab, black long tee, white long skirt, colorful stones necklace), Ghuci pink chain bag, Vincci black flat shoes.

*psstt.. i never wear this skirt for more than 3 years!

what do you think? hahaha, i know it isn't as well as a real fashion blogger. :)

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  1. yeahhhh you were gorgeous ;)
    Happy for you sis

  2. you look so girlie and like a lady, perfect for a date ;)
    hm.. I always want to try a maxi skirt coz.. I've never worn a maxi skirt like that anywhere except a batik skirt for special formal occasions :p


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