Tuesday, June 15, 2010

for the sake of my future... :)

i post some entries tonight.
yeah, it was my fault who didn't post on the same day. but i'm sure, you have ever felt this situation. the situation when you really wanna post something but you don't have any time to do that, do you?

Sooo, i'll post them all tonight! because i will have my BIG day next week.


my effort for 4 years will be proved on that day. i don't know yet the date, but i'm sure it will be held next week, in session week.

Sooooo, i must study harder for that special moment! i promise to myself, i won't be online until i pass the session. i hope i could keep the promise. i wish. *cross fingers*

by the way, i miss this moment...


  1. http://giftandcookies.blogspot.com/

  2. good luck! :)
    thanks for your lovely comment
    check out my latest post ya


  3. tya,,maaf ya gw br bc lagi blog lo,,br da waktu nih bu,,hehe(gaya),,
    semangat y sayanggggg!!!!
    btw kangen nih,,dah lama dah kya'a qta g ktmu,,

  4. good luck ya mbak Tya
    dulu aku juga deg-degan banget
    pokoknya semoga sukses
    btw, maaf baru sempat mampir lagi ke sini



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