Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i miss you, ocin..

i miss one of my close friend. her name is cindra. really miss her a lot. :(
she is a very smart girl. very very very clever! we used to be a deskmate when we were on 3rd grade in Junior High School. i used to share every single thing to her, we felt we had much similarity. i used to think that our friendship never been ended. until we were in different high school.. we seldom met anymore then never when we entered the college.. yeah, we might be busy.. but at least, i had her phone number..

thing was better when i knew her facebook. we connected the relationship which ever broken. but, i didn't know the reason, she deleted her facebook account, and i couldn't call her old phone number. i was so sad. i lost my close friend. :(

it may have been for more than one week i feel really miss her a lot. i really want to meet her, share some stories, and tell her that i graduated... (she is one of who have inspired me!) i have a plan to visit her house with aryo (our friend). but we haven't know the time yet.

and just a moment ago, i was googling her full name, found a lot. most of them are in a formal web like her web university, but i found a blog which featured her name. i opened it.. and i shocked! the owner's name is Monika Puri Oktora.. she wrote a post about her friends (include cindra) and a people named Amadeus Sanda Layuk. i felt their name are familiar in my thought!

do you know? last Monday, when i banded my skripsi on a copy center near cindra's college, i saw some other skripsi. they were monika's and amadeus's. i saw the college on it.

'Ah, they may be cindra's friend', i mumbled.

and my guess is true! it was like a dejavu when i saw their names... is it a coincidental or a sign that i'll meet cindra?

thank's to monika who has featured cindra's blog on her blog. it helps a lot. i straight to give cindra a message, and wish she replied it ASAP. :)


  1. Hi, dear. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Hope you could meet your friend soon.. :)

    Flickering Moonlight

  2. thy, ni ocin :)
    terharu baca tulisan kamu..

    udah cin bales ko thy. maaf ya sangat jauh ngilang ko, tapi akhir2 ini kena musibah yg bikin lost contact..

    maaf ya

  3. aaaahhhh, thanks friends!!!
    it works!!
    look.. look.. ocin replied!

    yeeee.. yee... ^^


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