Monday, June 14, 2010

Che Co.

do you remember when i posted about my weekend assignment? Soo, this post is its continuation. :)
the assignment didn't finish yet, as usual (but when i'm typing it, it has been finished. and some hours ago, i got a bad news about my assignment. forget it.).

Soo, before i was back home, i and Icem ate at Cherish Corner. it's a restaurant in Jatinangor whose all the menu have delicious taste. it's my favorite resto and also my fellas. we love to spend the time or just gossiping here.

oh yeah, we took some photos. here they are.

sweet ice tea

Icem ordered it : Chicken Cordon Bleu

me : Fuyunghai

Both have delicious taste.

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  1. fuyunghainyaaaaa, ngiler... jam segini laper euy..


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