Friday, July 16, 2010

another dating story

hi everyone.. :)

oh, i really miss you all. it's kinda weird, i have much free time, but i never post this blog, whereas i have some to tell. haha. so, as usual, i'll post more than one! :)

last saturday ( July 10th, 2010), my boyfriend came! yippieee! we did some fun things, like took picture on studio, watched eclipse, and had dinner with my family. here are some photos. enjoy.. :)

my casual outfit *as always*
| unbranded green hijab| top - graphis |denim - heritage | tote bag - batik keris |

at Jonas Photo Studio

hehehehe, i used to think that a couple who take photo on studio is kinda ancient. but we did that! hahahha

we both love rubik!

irwan bought 2, and gave me one! yeeeay!
see my last rubik story, here.

we watched this crunchy movie. i almost slept.

when we were having dinner with my parents and my little sister at Istana Plasa food court.
hahahaha, i don't know why i didn't take their photos.

i was starving and forgot to take food pictures before we ate.

my new perfumes! Vio Fantasy.
my mom granted us (with my sister) to buy them. yuhuuu!

that's it.

ps : sorry for my insensitiveness, dear. :)

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