Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet Raditya Dika

last Monday, July 19th, 2010, my favorite writer Raditya Dika held a talkshow in Gramedia Merdeka at 2 - 4 pm. it's about his new book, Marmut Merah Jambu (MMJ).

i've bought the book (click here), and i drool to come to his talkshow. i've prepared all the things in the morning. i brought all Raditya Dika book whose i have to campus because i must take care of my academic transcript. i had some plans on that day : campus, talkshow, and go to BEC with my dad. that was only my plan! because the fact was totally incompatible! i always hate to take care of all the birocration stuff, especially in my campus. it usually needs much time. we couldn't get what we want on the same day we ask. :(

Sooo, at the heart of the matter, i spend time on campus until 2 pm which is talkshow time! and trip from campus to gramedia is about 2 hours! Arrrgghh! i felt boring, and i would fain not to come to talkshow. :(

i decided to meet my dad at BEC. i arrived there at 4 pm. FYI, gramedia merdeka location is neighboring with BEC. i was so curious whether the talkshow is delayed. i walked to gramedia, asked to security guard, ran to 3rd floor, and rushed in the bunch. i came in last 5 minutes. it was signature time. lucky me, Raditya Dika signed my books, and took a photo with me. Yipiiee...

look at my dingy face! hahhahha..

eventhough i couldn't join the talkshow, at least i could get his signature and photo :)

after that, i met my dad in BEC, we would by a new handphone for me! how lucky i am!

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