Wednesday, July 7, 2010

feel the loneliness

hi :)

my friend, mitha, asked me about my seldomness posting on this blog. Hmm, yeah, i feel that so. it may because i don't have any new photos to share. i like reading a post which has picture, so i love posting and add picture on it. and i think i didn't have new interesting story. hehehehe..

but, i was wrong, actually. i forgot about my pleasing loneliness. you have to know, when i need to be alone, i would have fun with my self, like spending time in a mall, moreover watching movie in cinema! it works for me. some friends said it's lil'beat weird. yeah, i know. but i'm sure, one or some of you agree with me, and have ever done it?

Sooo, last friday, i did it again! first, i want to campus for 5 minutes just for taking my transcript. then i decided to watching new movie : 3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta, alone! yippieee..

this movie is quiet good. at the heart of the matter, every people have their own mate. even we have strove, but if he/she isn't our mate, we wouldn't be together. nice! :)

then, after watching, i shop at Yogya Department Store. and at the night, i met my mom and my little sister to eat wedang ronde jahe. yeeaaaay!

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