Sunday, July 25, 2010

my 1st blog award (chapter two)

oke, i'll do the command after getting this award : write 7 things about me and give this award to 5 other blogger.

1st, i'm going to give it to my 5 favorite bloggers, hope you like it!
Congratulation to you! don't forget to write 7 things about your self and give this award to 5 other bloggers. :)

2nd, ah it's quiet hard to write 7 things about myself. Hmmm.. what should i write?

  1. in some conditions, i love going somewhere alone, like watching movie in cinema, mall shopping, fabric shopping, book shopping, going to exhibiton, etc. some people consider it's strange, but i never feel like that. when i dont need friend opinion, i prefer do it by myself. :)
  2. i'm not a fashionista. i dont really care about fashion, i prefer choose something because of the comfort. so, if you open 'not a fashionista' label, you'll find my selfsame style. and, feel it or not, most of my clothes have tiny floral motif. i love tiny floral motif so much. i'll tell about tiny floral on the next point. :)
  3. i'm currently in progress to blaze the way to made my own business. i wish i could open a handmade shop. i love crafting since i was in junior high school, but i never be serious to do that. now, i wanna make it something serious. i want open "Tiny Floral Handmade Shop". i havent known yet when i could do that, because i'm still learning and learning. :)
  4. i almost bring my digicam everywhere i go. i love documented whatever i do. it's so fun!
  5. my favorite color is yellow. lilbeat different with other. yellow means cheerful for me. i have some stuffs whose color is yellow. but i just have one yellow clothe and veil. hahahaha!
  6. i'm a woman who does anything by plan. i always write my schedule, assignment, target, etc on my organizer board. i used to write them in a notebook and bring it everywhere. i started it since i was in junior high school, but when i was on 2nd semester in college i changed it into organizer board. it helps me to remember my dreams so i could reach them. recent target : i graduated in 4 years, as i wished when i studied in college for the 1st time. :)
  7. the last.. (when i'm confuse what else i should write...), i and my boyfriend (my heart says 'my husband to be') are collecting novel together. we are joint to buy some novels, and collect it. we both are book lovers. :)
oke, that's it. i've paid my promises.


  1. Slm alkm wr wb honey,
    thx a lot for this award, love you :)

  2. oww...ow...... i'm so humble......

    thank u very much.....

    keep posting jg yaaaa.........

    mmuuaaccchhhh :*


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