Sunday, July 25, 2010

Musical Flightventure

i had a busy week, it's closed by an angklung concert last night. what a wonderful concert. the theme is flight, so we were like in an airplane. cool!

check my selfsame outfit :

|unbranded grey paris hijab| |contempo grey babydoll (?)| |dust black denim| |vincci black flat shoes| |hana black little bag|

sorry for the bad quality images. you dont like it? neither do i!

in front of Merdeka Building at night

Corps Angklung SMA N 5 Bandung Performances


  1. Hey Tiari,

    thank you so much for the award, I will give it to other bloggers and write 7 things about my self

    good luck for your job!

    Strawberry Giggles

  2. hey, i just passed by your site, and i love your outfit on the banner you have here for your blog ;D

    anyway, check out my site and i hope you can subscribe to mine as well. will follow yours of course, take care!! :D


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