Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*, S.Si.


today is my day! today is our day! yep, us! everyone who graduated today!


soooo, today is my yudisium. it means, i officially graduated from Padjadjaran University, majoring Statistics with 31 others.

these are some pictures....

before the "show", ate in canteen

after the yudisium, with besties.

with our lectures..

well, actually, in my group, only me and rani who did yudisium today. but, we shared the happiness!

i got little present from my parent. dont think a present like others. my parents didn't call it present it was like a little appreciation of my effort. hehehehe. my dad sent pulse from malaysia, and my mom bought 1 dozen of J.Co. very simple! it's not about the present, but it's about the sense, right?


  1. selamat ya sayang..akhir'a..jd sarjana jg nih..doakan kami sgera mnyusul yaaaa... br sadar lho..b'arti qta dah pisah ni y??qta pasti bklan jarang bgt y ktmu..
    oh weety..i'm gonna miss u (kok gw jd pngn nangis??lebay!!)..keep posting your blog y ty..byar gw bsa tau kbr2 lo..

  2. waaaah lulussss bentar lagi gue lulusssss pengen cepet2 lulus juga ehehee congrats yaa! :D


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