Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Negeri 5 Menara

hi :)

i've told you when i bought novel Negeri 5 Menara (N5M) on Gramedia sale. and also i met the author. but, i had to stop reading it for awhile because of my skripsi. i had to prepare my presentation. it confiscated my time.

finally, alhamdulillah, i could finish n5m last night! woohoo! one of interesting novel i ever read.

it's about alif fikri's life who must study in Pondok Madani. the author's childhood life inspire this story. So, Pondok Madani is delineation from Pondok Modern Gontor. this novel gives us lots of good senses. we could learn about goodness and spirit to reach our dreams. man jadda wa jada.

Hmm. i couldn't explain more, it's hard. i just want you read this novel. trust me, very inspiring!

i have friends and cousin who study there (Gontor). i usually meet my cousin when idul fitri, mudik time. he likes sharing his story about living in Gontor. so, i know little part of n5m. and from n5m, i want meet my cousin ASAP, to ask him about gontor more detail. i want to prove n5m story. hehehehe..

man jadda wa jada. :)

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