Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 good things

hi :)

i loooove today. why?
  1. i've finished my skripsi. finally... :)
  2. i could meet my lecture respendently. because, before i finished that, i never felt relax when i met them anywhere.. hahaha..
  3. i met my besties. i never met them for almost 1 week. i always love every moment with them.this last semester, i only choose 1 lesson and final project, that's why i seldom meet my besties, because i come only on Monday. if i come on other day, it must be having a duty to meet my lecture, and i may not meet my friends.
  4. i visited my friend's boarding house. it was spontaneous. i felt bored in campus and wanted to go home ASAP, but it was changed instantly! i was confused what would i do in my home? i've stayed there for 1 week. my friend, Icem (my servant, actually *LOL*) asked me and muti to go to her boarding house. okay, better than in home. our plan was watching Bangkok Traffic Love Story. that was just a PLAN. because the fact was we were gossiping, as usual. i used to do that, when i still had many lessons. so, i really enjoyed that moment. hehehe.. oh yeah, we also talked about kebaya for our graduation. it was nice, because up till now, i just discussed it with my mom.
okay.. i know it isn't really important for you. i just want to share. :)



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