Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Vacation

hi :)

how are you guys? how was your long weekend? what did you do?

my longweekend was sooooo great! yeeeeay! my relatives visited mine. they came from Tangerang. as we know, Bandung will be a very crowded city when weekend comes, moreover in long weekend. the visitors usually come from Jakarta and around, and my relatives did. heheheh..

we went to Kawah Putih (White Crater) and Ciwalini, Ciwidey, West Java.

Kawah Putih is a wonderful tour object, it has very beautiful view. it has cold air. really beautiful! i adore it, really! oh yeah, for you who will take pre-wedding pictures, Kawah Putih is a good choice! trust me!

look the crater behind me! it's very beautiful, isn't it?

my lil sist, me, my mom


subhanallah! what can i say?

how sweet...

feel like at Forks.. :)

i took so many pics, i just uploaded my favorite ones.. unhappily, my digicam used the smallest resolution. i forgot to check it before.. :((

oh yeah, my mom cooked too much, then she brought it and we ate at Kawah Putih. it was so fun! hehehehe..

original Indonesian's culture..

then, we swam in Ciwalini. it is a warm water pool. it also has good view. it is among tea field.

mas dedi, mas aji, wicak, ryan, sano.
they are my cousins, except sano. he's my nephew.

i always laugh when i see this! good job, ryan! :D

my crazy fams!


i still have many pictures, but i've changed the resolution in Ciwalini. so it needs more time uploading, and i don't have any energy to minimize. i'm really tired. ;p

oh yeah! i'll say great thanks for you who said happy birthday to Serba Biasa. may Serba Biasa could be more fun! ;p

good night,



  1. lucu itu fotonya...ngakak gw...

  2. Waouuuu such great pics, thx for sharing sis XD
    You've had great time :)
    Love the last pic youa re mashaAllah.


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